Vegetarian Food Buffet Catering Service You Can Trust

Variety of Vegetarian DishesAt, we promise the highest standard of vegetarian catering services to meet your catering needs.

Our strengths in the vegetarian food buffet catering service are:

1) Wide Variety of Vegetarian Food To Cater From

Experience dedicated vegetarian food catering services from

Our 100% pure vegetarian menus have a rich variety of meat-free items to suit your event. Make your guests feel special with our healthy, satisfying plant-based cuisines.

Our caterers, with more than 15 years experience, provide freshly prepared dishes and deliver them straight to your venue.

2) Provide Tasty Meal that both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians Like

Get a broad range of dishes from meat substitutes made from soy, beans and mushrooms. Together with vegetables and fruits that are cooked to suit different tastes, you will be able to order a complete spread of tasty quality food to make your guests happy.

Your vegetarian guests will thoroughly enjoy the food while the rest of the non-vegetarians will equally like the distinctive flavors that tantalize their taste buds. Our extensive collection of vegetarian cuisines include Chinese, Local and Thai style of cooking. We also cater hot and ice-cold desserts, drinks and snacks for you to choose.

If you or your guests have other special dietary requirements, our catering team will be happy to advise you suitable menus and also devise personalized buffet to cater to your needs. Some examples of our delicious vegetarian dishes include:sVegetarian Catering Buffet Setup 3

  • Auspicious Crispy Barbecue Fish
  • Cold Mixed Veggie Prawn Salad
  • Savory Sweet and Sour Fish
  • Freshly Grilled Vegetarian Satay
  • Fragrant Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Flavorful Hong Kong Fried Noodle
  • Rich and Spicy Chicken Curry
  • Authentic Vegetarian Dumpling

3) Passionate in Buffet Catering

Vegetarian Dish 3Our passionate belief that great food should be for everyone. We believe in providing affordable catering services for all occasions, including joyous, corporate and funeral events.

We offer you total excellence in food and services. Your food will be delivered on time and according to your instructions. We guarantee that you and your guests will have an enjoyable time while savoring the satisfying vegetarian delights. We will recommend suitable menus for every occasion.

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