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Buffet Setup 2As our promise to offer you choices, we have 2 types of vegetarian buffet catering menus for you to select to suit your budget and preference. Choose between: i) Set Menu Buffet ii) Ala-Carte Menu Buffet

  • Each menu offers you different food
  • Both menus have a wide range of vegetarian dishes for you to choose
  • Both menus have been specially designed by our top chefs
  • Both menus have the most delicious and mouth-watering cuisines

We will listen to your needs and advise you the most suitable vegetarian catering menu.

Regardless of the menu that you choose, you will be assured of an extensive variety of dishes that all your guests will enjoy and fill their stomachs to the fullest.

Our caterers have over 15 years experience in the vegetarian catering business, serving 100% pure vegetarian food.

As we are always updating our menus to give you the finest food from our latest creations!

Set Menu Buffet

What You Need to Do
Decide the number of dishes you want (7, 8 or 9) and select 1 dish from each food category
Best Suitable For You If You …
  • Prefer to have the categories of food decided by us
  • Prefer a budget friendly set of menu

Lunch/Dinner – 15pax mini buffet

  • Set Menu: 6 dishes at $160 or $180 (exclude delivery fee)

Lunch/Dinner – Types of dishes differ for each Set (Min 20pax)

  • Economy Set: $10.00 per pax (7 dishes)
  • Classic Set: $12.00 per pax (8 dishes)
  • Superior Set: $16.00 per pax (9 dishes)

High Tea

  • Economy Set: $6.00 per pax (5 dishes) (Min 40pax)
  • Classic Set: $8.00 per pax (6 dishes) (Min 30pax)
  • Superior Set: $10.00 per pax (7 dishes) (Min 20pax)

Bento – Types of dishes differ for each Set

  • Economy Set: $4.00 per pax (Min 50pax) OR $5.00 per pax (Min 40pax)
  • Classic Set: $6.00 per pax (Min 30pax)
  • Superior Set: $10 per box onwards (Min 15pax) 

Ala-Carte Menu Buffet

What You Need To Do
Decide the number of dishes you want (min. 6 dishes) and select from a list of over 60 dishes
Best Suitable For You If You …
  • Do not want to be restricted to choosing only one dish per category (e.g. you can have more dishes from a specific food category like more fried dishes or more mock meat dishes)
  • Prefer to have more food items to choose from

Lunch/Dinner  Types of dishes differ for each Menu (Min 15pax)

  • Menu A – $11.80 per pax (6 dishes)
  • Menu B – $13.80 per pax (7 dishes)
  • Menu C – $15.80 per pax (8 dishes)

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 Vegetarian Catering Food 2 - Apr15 Table with purplish blue skirting
Some of the Dishes You Can Choose

Choose from over 80 delicious vegetarian dishes.  Some of our dishes include:

  • Fried Eefuu Noodles 炒伊面
  • Yangzhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭
  • Fried Mee Hong Kong Style 香港炒面
  • Fried S’pore Style Bee-Hoon 星州米粉
  • Mock Abalone with Broccoli 素鲍鱼西兰华
  • Mock Sea-Cucumber with Vegetable 素海参扒时蔬
  • Crispy Fragrance Spare Ribs 脆皮香排骨
  • Lemon Mock Chicken 素班兰鸡
  • Sze Chuan Style Chilli Chicken 四川式宫保鸡丁
  • Honey Chicken Sesame 蜜汁素鸡丁
  • Stir Fried Black Pepper Steak 黑胡椒火腿片
  • Crispy Fish in Barbeque Sauce  辣酱鱼王
  • Assam Mock Fish 亚参素鱼
  • Prawn with Mayonnaise Sauce 沙律大虾
  • Braised Beancurd with Bamboo Pith 竹笋豆腐
  • Lou Han Tofu 罗汉豆腐
  • Sambal Tempeh Tofu 参岜天贝豆腐
  • Curry Mock Mutton 加哩素羊肉
  • Curry Assam Fish 咖哩亚参鱼
  • Fried Ngoh Hiang Roll 酥炸迷你五香卷
  • Vegetarian Satay 美味沙爹
  • Deep Fried Prawn with Lemon Sauce 柠檬虾
  • Deep Fried Cod Fish 炸素鳕鱼
  • Handmade Carrot Cake 手工萝卜糕
  • Handmade Pan-fried Dumpling 手工锅贴
  • Fei Cui Dumpling 翡翠饺子
  • Vegetarian Siew Mai 素烧卖
  • Cheng Tng 清汤
  • Aiyu Jelly with choice of Longan/Honey Sea Coconut 愛玉冻加龙眼或海底椰
  • Red Bean with Sago & Gingko Nuts 红豆汤加西米和白果
  • Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert 白果腐竹薏米汤水

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