Funeral Catering In Singapore

Food is usually catered at funerals in Singapore to thank the relatives and friends for taking their time to pay their final respect to the deceased.

At the wake, the deceased’s family members will make sure that the standard of the food is of a certain quality, affordable and that the dishes offered serve the different taste palates of the visitors.

The funeral catering, which on many occasions is last minute, is usually buffet style or banquet-style. Some prefer live stations where dishes are cooked on the spot for the visitors.

As catering at the wake can last several days, it has to be cheap and good without compromising on quality.

Why choose Vegetarian Catering Singapore as your caterer?

1) Vegetarian Food Can Meet Many Dietary Requirements

For a funeral, there is little time to gather information on the guests’ dietary requirement. In fact, there are usually many people who turn up unexpectedly.

As different people have various dietary requirements, serving vegetarian meals is the best bet that all guests will something that they can eat. The grieving family can focus on other key aspects of the funeral instead of thinking if any guests will be left out during meal time.

2) Last Minute Catering

We understand that unlike most other events, funeral is a sudden and unplanned event. As such, the family members of the deceased require last minute catering services.

When you contact us, we strive to provide quality meals with complete table set up at your destination within the short notice period. We also give the option of bento delivery if that is the preference.

3) Highly Experienced

With over 20 years experience in providing wake catering services, we understand the emotional and time sensitivity when attending to funeral catering planning requests.

Our catering planners fully understand the intricacies, including traditions and customs when planning the menus for the wake. They know what is appropriate or what is not. Leave the planning and arranging of the catering to the experienced planners while the deceased’s family can free up their time to attend to other matters.

4) Affordable And Good Buffet Catering in Singapore

Our dishes are offered at affordable prices, which are not subjected to GST. We try to work within the deceased family’s budget, so that they have a peace of mind and ensure that they do not exceed their estimated funeral costs allocated for food.

5) Wide Variety Of Tasty Vegetarian Dishes – Vegan Friendly Too

Our wide array of 100% pure vegetarian dishes offered ensure that there are minimal repeated dishes during the duration of the funeral.

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Factors when planning the dishes for funeral

Funeral catering is different from other types of catering. The requirements for each funeral varies.

As such, the planning of the catering requires numerous factors listed below and most important has to be approached with empathy and sensitivity when discussing these factors with the deceased’s family members. This is because they are going through this emotional grieving period and there are many other matters that they need to attend to.

The caterer will plan the menu based on the factors below, which is not an exhaustive list:

Duration of the funeral – the number of days the funeral is held is critical as caterer will ensure that there is wide array of dishes served during the duration of the funeral and minimal dishes are repeated.

Type of funeral held and religion– as Singapore is a multi-cultural and religious society, there are different kinds of funeral has different customs and traditions that we have to adhere to, for example a Buddhist funeral is different from a Taoist funeral or a non-religious funeral. Knowledge of the kind of funeral held and religion will help the caterer better plan for the dishes, such as no meat dishes for a Buddhist funeral which will require vegetarian catering services. This also leads the caterer to the next point.

Food For Religious Offering

Timings of prayer sessions – the caterer needs the timings of prayer sessions in order to work the timing backwards and ensure that the family members have sufficient time to have their dinner before the prayer sessions start.

Budget – the caterer will work within the budget allocated. Whether the family is looking for cheap catering in Singapore or a higher budget one, managing the cost is critical to ensure expectations are met.

Point of Contact – the caterer requires at least two contact numbers (main point of contact and another contact).

Table arrangement – the space allocated for the food area, current layout and arrangement of the funeral helps the caterer work out the table arrangement to display the dishes in food warmers, complete with table setup and plates and cutleries.

Profile of the funeral visitors – the profile of the visitors include their age and also their dietary requirements (mostly vegetarians, vegans or non-vegetarians), which are critical in planning the menu.

Deceased family’s choice of food – choices which caterer will ask include if they are fine with spicy desert and if they prefer their dessert to be hot or cold.

Deceased family’s special requests – the caterer will take into the special requests when planning the menu for the whole duration of the funeral.

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