You have definitely heard of the term vegetarian or vegan. But do you know there is a vegetarian related term called “Flexitarian”? Sounds special? It is indeed. And there are good reasons why a flexitarian is a better alternative than having a mostly meat diet.

A flexitarian is a diet which is mainly vegetarian-inclined, but with occasions of meat or fish. A flexitarian understands the benefits of having a plant-based diet like environmental protection, animal welfare, health benefits etc. However, meat is sometimes included due to reasons like passion for meat and concerns of not having a well-balanced diet. The meat consumption frequency is based on personal preference and there is no strict definition on the time period.

The benefits of going vegetarian are well-documented. If you are unable to take the route of full vegetarian, cutting down on meat consumption is already a well-intentioned and admirable step forward for your health, the environment and the animals.

Remember, every effort counts.