Healthy Food Catering Singapore

Why Choose Healthy Food for Your Catering?

Healthy Food BadgeThinking of catering for a special occasion? Why not consider providing your guests healthier vegetarian food?

Healthy eating positively affect your well-being, gives you more energy and boost your immune system.

Our high quality food caterers will provide a selection of tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes that you can rave about. Our delectable plant-based menus offers you the vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids that your body require.

With a variety of freshly prepared ingredients, you and your guests will receive flavorful and nutritious cuisines that are tasty and contemporary.

Most of us consume too much salt and fats in our diets. Eating excessive salt can cause high blood pressure and lead to other health issues. Disproportionate amount of fats can also cause heart disease, obesity and further related complications.

With this in mind, you can request less salt and oil in the preparation of the food.

We will ensure that your meals are still delicious with maximum nutrition and flavor.

Some of our healthy vegetarian choices in our catering menu are: Vegetarian Dish 2

  • Fresh Abalone Mushroom with Broccoli
  • Handmade Carrot Cake
  • Simmered Braised Tofu
  • Steamed Beancurd with Ginger Strips


Professional Catering from

Our dedicated caterers are committed to provide exceptional service. It is our mission to ensure that your food is delivered timely and per your specific requests.

You can be assured of highest quality and healthy food at competitive prices that is value for money.

Call us now and our catering planner will work with you personally to offer a customised catering service.

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