Vegetarian Bento Catering And Bento Food Delivery

Vegetarian Bento boxes offer a simple catering solution without compromising on quality. You will get the vegetarian food delivered conveniently in packed bento boxes in Singapore. Vegan catering option is also available upon request.

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Variety Dishes

With vegetarian buffet catering in Singapore, you will get delicious, healthy and inexpensive packed meals for your working lunches, corporate events, home parties and other occasions. We provide mainly Chinese vegetarian food delivery here in Singapore.

We offer single portion meals suitable for individual consumption. With this veggie bento, every guest can enjoy a set of high standard fresh and wholesome food at reasonable prices.

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There are a few factors to consider when ordering bento set meal delivery boxes:

• Nature of event – Outdoor Event Celebration, Home Parties, Corporate or Religious Events (including catering at funeral and wakes) – example includes executive meeting, in-house lunch box meeting, Easy-to-eat conference friendly Bento, easy packed bento for training and seminars
• Budget – luxury or budget lunch box
• Age Group – children, elderly, adults
• Preferences – healthy version, more spicy food, mock meat

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You will get to choose from an assortment of nutritious vegetarian dishes. Our caterers will be able to prepare your food comprising of your selection of rice or noodles, added with 2 or 3 side dishes, all neatly arranged in a disposable box. The side dishes menu has a list of items for you to choose from, including tasty mock chicken, fried fish and vegetables.

Bento Food Dishes to Choose From (Contact Us for the Full Menu)

Select one dish from each category.
Note that the number of dishes you can choose depends on the price of the bento.

1. White Rice

2. Brown Rice
3. Pineapple Fried Rice

4. Yangzhou Fried Rice
5. Olive Fried Rice

6. Fried Mee Goreng

7. Fried Hokkien Noodle

8. Hong Kong Fried Noodle

9. Fried S’pore Style Bee-Hoon
1. Lou Han Vegetables

2. Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables

3. Stir Fried Cauliflower with Carrot Strips

4. Stir Fried Baby Kailan with Ham Strips

5. Broccoli with Mushrooms

6. Young Cabbage with Sliced Meat

7. Stewed Cabbage

8. Curry Mixed Vegetables
1. Hongshao Beancurd

2. Hot and Spicy Beancurd

3. Thailand Style Beancurd

4. Beancurd in Toon Tree Paste

5. Beancurd in Dark Sauce

6. Sweet and Sour Beancurd Skin

7. Beancurd Skin in Dark Sauce
Mock Meat
1. Curry Chicken

2. Curry Mutton

3. Gongbao Chicken

4. Black Pepper Chicken

5. Honey Chicken Sesame

6. Sweet and Sour Mock Meat

7. Sweet and Sour Fish

8. Crispy Fish in Dark Sauce topped with Ginger Strips
Fried Dish
1. Fried Fish Ball
2. Chicken Nugget
3. Fried Spring Roll
4. Fried Vegetable Fritter
5. Fried Curry Samosa
6. Fried Tapioca Ring
7. Deep Fried Fish
8. Deep Fried Mock Chicken

We also offer the following one-dish bento menu. Contact us for our complete set of bento menu:
1. Pineapple Fried Rice
2. Yangzhou Fried Rice
3. Olive Fried Rice
4. Fried Mee Goreng
5. Fried Hokkien Noodle
6. Hong Kong Fried Noodle
7. Fried S’pore Style Bee-Hoon

We can customise the bento meals to your budget and preference. There is definitely something for everyone for this packet food catering.

Please contact us for our complete set of dishes that you can choose for your bento to be delivered.

Vegetarian Food Delivery Singapore

Our delivery services cover all locations in Singapore whether is to your home or office. All veggie bento boxes comes with cutlery and serviettes. These home cooked style of food are delicious and yet healthy.

Contact us and give us your order for lunch or dinner. We promise a timely delivery of your wholesome and well balanced bento lunch or dinner boxes to your chosen event venue. Check out our other vegetarian catering menu here.

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